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TTW OE Outcomes.

Jobsupport's 13 sites all achieved a star rating of 5.00 in DSS's March 2017 Star Ratings.  The March 2017 ratings are the last publicly available ratings.  Star Ratings for every service in Australia are available on the DEEWR website. (Best viewed with Internet Explorer or Safari)
DSS have published the employment outcomes for all Australian services by type of disability. This data is available on the DEEWR website. Inclusion Australia has consolidated the results for every service.
See the Jobsupport Star Ratings Update - Sydney and Jobsupport Star Ratings Update - Melbourne for details

TTW OE Outcomes.

ADHC publishes TTW Service results annually.  The latest data release shows the outcomes achieved by 2012 school leavers at the end of their TTW program. Approximately 40% of the Open Employment placements in Sydney were through Jobsupport.  (For the 2006 Open Employment outcome results for Metro North click here and for Metro South click here.)
See Jobsupport TTW Outcomes Factsheet.
Open Employment
Harris Farm & Jobsupport 


I like the work. It’s very good, plenty of jobs to do. Favourite is car service - helping customers with their boxes. The way I’ve changed is I live on my own. Now I’m independent.
- Peter

'It worked very well, the customers liked it, the staff liked it, he's efficient, he's reliable and he's happy.'

-Peter's employer





The Case for Employers using Jobsupport

Jobsupport works with employers to solve problems with routine or repetitive tasks.

Jobsupport has tailored cost effective solutions for large organisations like Woolworths and McDonalds and not so large ones such as Summer Hill Children's & Community Centre to:
•    Stabilise high turnover positions
•    Release under utilised experienced staff
•    Ensure routine or repetitive tasks are completed to your specified standards

Jobsupport can provide you with a motivated, stable and reliable employee.  Employees trained by Jobsupport have an annual job retention rate of over 90%.


This is your opportunity to give someone with an intellectual disability the chance to have a satisfying job and greatly improve their quality of life.  

The wider community respects and appreciates companies that give a person with an intellectual disability a chance to succeed.  


Jobsupport provides free recruitment, job matching, job analysis and training as well as free on-going support.

Jobsupport works with you to identify and analyse tasks suitable for a person with an intellectual disability.

Jobsupport provides one-to-one on-site training to maximise results.

•    Jobsupport develops a Support Agreement with each employer that documents the criteria that need to be achieved during the probation period for permanent employment. The Support Agreement includes the required tasks, quality and rate standards for each task and any health & safety considerations.

•    Jobsupport can assist in obtaining any available government subsidies.

•    A productivity-based Supported Wage can be arranged if an employee is working accurately but below the usual work rate.

Jobsupport’s follow-up service monitors the employee’s performance to ensure standards are maintained.  

•    Additional training is provided at no cost to adapt to workplace changes and/or growth within a position.  

Types of Work

Jobsupport trains and supports clients in a wide variety of positions from manufacturing to health care to table bussing to gardening and mail distribution.  Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for what type of work our clients undertake?

Independently supervised research shows a very high level of employer satisfaction with Jobsupport’s training and ongoing support.

Jobsupport has trained hundreds of safe and competent workers on job sites throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.  Jobsupport has won a National Safety Council Award for its systematic training designed to maximise safe work practices.  Jobsupport’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System is certified to AS/NZS 4801:2001.

We pride ourselves on our partnership with employers and an ability to work together to meet your recruitment needs.

Jobsupport currently supports over 600 people in award or productivity-based jobs throughout Sydney and Melbourne.  

For the latest results please see Open Employment Outcomes - Sydney and Open Employment Outcomes - Melbourne.

Employer Profiles

Some of the employers enjoying the benefits of Jobsupport’s clients are listed below.   Additional references are provided in the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below.  Please click on the employer's name to view the reference.

King Park Public School

Georg Fischer

McDonalds Australia Limited

ISS Facility Services

YMCA of Sydney

Waterworks Hotel

The Hills Shire Council

Westpac Banking Corporation

TressCox Lawyers

Sydney Cricket Ground  

Sanger Australia  


What are the types of work undertaken?

Who are some of the employers using Jobsupport's clients?

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