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TTW OE Outcomes.

Jobsupport's 13 sites all achieved a star rating of 5.00 in DSS's March 2017 Star Ratings.  The March 2017 ratings are the last publicly available ratings.  Star Ratings for every service in Australia are available on the DEEWR website. (Best viewed with Internet Explorer or Safari)
DSS have published the employment outcomes for all Australian services by type of disability. This data is available on the DEEWR website. Inclusion Australia has consolidated the results for every service.
See the Jobsupport Star Ratings Update - Sydney and Jobsupport Star Ratings Update - Melbourne for details

TTW OE Outcomes.

ADHC publishes TTW Service results annually.  The latest data release shows the outcomes achieved by 2012 school leavers at the end of their TTW program. Approximately 40% of the Open Employment placements in Sydney were through Jobsupport.  (For the 2006 Open Employment outcome results for Metro North click here and for Metro South click here.)
See Jobsupport TTW Outcomes Factsheet.

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The Hon. Dr. Stone & Huy Nham
(20yr employee)
The Hon. Dr. Stone & Samantha Boss (Concord Children's Centre Cooperative - 20yr employer)
The Hon. Dr. Stone & Samantha Boss
(Concord Children's Centre
Cooperative - 20yr employer) 


'The people are good and I like my job. Being unemployed was really terrible'
- Lyn
Jobsupport's Results

Jobsupport is a non-profit organisation established in 1986 as a demonstration open employment project for the Commonwealth Government to show that people with a significant intellectual disability could achieve open employment. The demonstration open employment project was very successful and today Jobsupport is a Disability Employment Services - Employment Support Service funded by the Department of Social Services.

Jobsupport’s Transition service was established in 1997. Community Work Options began as a pilot project for Family and Community Services to show that many people in state funded post-school activity programs could achieve paid employment, with appropriate support. The pilot project was very successful and today Community Work Options, which is now known as Jobsupport Transition is funded by Family and Community Services as part of a network of Transition to Work services across NSW.  Jobsupport Transition has also established in Melbourne as a Transition to Employment Service.

Some of Jobsupport’s other achievements over the years include:

•    Winning a National Safety Council award to demonstrate the safety of workers with an intellectual disability

•    Being one of the first open employment services to achieve Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2000), Disability Service Standards, and OH&S (AS/NZS 4801:2001) accreditation

•    Demonstrating that open employment services like Jobsupport are cost-effective for the Australian taxpayer. In 2005 an Econtech report estimated Jobsupport’s net annual cost to government per client at $1692, the net annual cost to government of supported employment at $6358, and the net annual cost of ATLAS services at $15699

•    Developing training materials that were distributed throughout Australia by the Commonwealth Government as an example of good practice to assist other organisations to replicate the service

•    Initiating a staff training course in conjunction with the University of Sydney for Jobsupport staff and establishing online staff training courses in conjunction with Virginia Commonwealth University and National Council on Intellectual Disability that are available to all services.

Jobsupport is proud of the open employment outcomes we have achieved together with our clients and their employers. Jobsupport caters for people with a significant intellectual disability who are unlikely to access other open employment services.  Jobsupport currently supports over 600 people in open employment jobs throughout Sydney
 and Melbourne.

•  Across Australia 59% of the people with a moderate intellectual disability who achieve 26 week open employment outcome, do so through Jobsupport
(DEEWR MIDL Evaluation Report)

•    76% of Jobsupport clients achieve a 26-week outcome rate. The industry average for people with an intellectual disability  (excluding Jobsupport) is 28.7%

(DEEWR MIDL Evaluation Report)

•    In December 2009, the average wage for Jobsupport clients was $334, the industry average for people with an intellectual disability is $260 

•    Jobsupport’s retention rate in employment for the period 1/4/10-6/1/12 was 85%. The industry average for people with an intellectual disability (excluding Jobsupport) for the same period was 76%

Click here for a link to the DEEWR Moderate Intellectual Disability Loading Report (MIDL)

Over 270 people have now completed Jobsupport's Transition program (including Community Work Options) and are now in open employment. Over 70% of the people who have completed Jobsupport’s Transition program have achieved open employment.

Jobsupport is committed to continual improvement. Dr John Kregel from Virginia Commonwealth University in the United States conducted a program evaluation of Jobsupport in October 2004. Virginia Commonwealth University is one of the top facilities in the world for technical assistance and program evaluation. Dr Kregel’s evaluation included the following comments:
‘The clinical skill and experience of the program’s staff members and the organization’s overall commitment to excellence are simply the best I have ever seen. I have reviewed over 200 open employment programs in 18 states in the US and five other countries. From the perspective of the application of proven clinical principles to job search, placement, and maintenance training the skill of the Jobsupport staff is second to none.’

‘Program retention exceeds any standard I have seen in any program anywhere.’

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For the latest results please see our Open Employment Outcomes - Sydney and Open Employment Outcomes - Melbourne, Star Ratings Update - Sydney and Star Ratings Update - Melbourne and our Transition to Work Outcomes Factsheet.