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TTW OE Outcomes.

Jobsupport's 13 sites all achieved a star rating of 5.00 in DSS's March 2017 Star Ratings.  The March 2017 ratings are the last publicly available ratings.  Star Ratings for every service in Australia are available on the DEEWR website. (Best viewed with Internet Explorer or Safari)
DSS have published the employment outcomes for all Australian services by type of disability. This data is available on the DEEWR website. Inclusion Australia has consolidated the results for every service.
See the Jobsupport Star Ratings Update - Sydney and Jobsupport Star Ratings Update - Melbourne for details

TTW OE Outcomes.

ADHC publishes TTW Service results annually.  The latest data release shows the outcomes achieved by 2012 school leavers at the end of their TTW program. Approximately 40% of the Open Employment placements in Sydney were through Jobsupport.  (For the 2006 Open Employment outcome results for Metro North click here and for Metro South click here.)
See Jobsupport TTW Outcomes Factsheet.
Jobsupport on
ABC's 7:30 Report
The Hon. Dr. Stone & Craig Urquhart (Woolworths - 20yr employer)
The Hon. Dr. Stone & Craig Urquhart
(Woolworths - 20yr employer) 
'We've always found Lyn is diligent, always here on time, very keen on the work and really wants to do the job properly. It's good, terrific.'

-Lyn's Employer

How the Open Employment Program Works
JOBSUPPORT undertakes a thorough and quality-tested process to match someone with an intellectual disability to a job that is right for him or her.

Jobsupport caters specifically for people with a significant intellectual disability who require careful job matching, initial one-to-one on-the-job training for several weeks and ongoing support to maintain employment.

As we say in our Mission the job must meet the needs of employee and employer.  They are not interested in wasting time on something that will not work, and neither are we.

Our process has four components:


The assessment process is intended to determine eligibility and achieve the best possible job match. The assessment process has five steps:

•    Background reports are obtained from various sources including the applicant’s last school
•    An interview is arranged with the applicant and his/her parents or advocates
•    Worktrials are arranged for the applicant based on their interests and skills
•    If the applicant is eligible for the Jobsupport program a meeting is arranged to review a summary of the information gathered. This is recorded as an Assessment Summary and provides the basis for job searching and job matching
•    Applicants who are not currently eligible for the Jobsupport program are referred elsewhere.


Jobsupport does not undertake general job search and then place clients into vacancies as they are located. All job search is client-centred. A list of possible employers is generated for each client along public transport routes accessible to their home and then the employers are approached specifically on behalf of that client.

Jobsupport staff conduct a detailed job analysis of any potential work site. Jobs are specifically designed to ensure that each placement works well for both the employer and the client. Placements typically solve routine task problems for employers such as releasing under-utilised staff and reducing staff turnover.


Jobsupport develops a Support Agreement for each placement that details the required tasks and the quality and rate standards required for each task together with any Health & Safety considerations and the level of supervision that will be supplied by the employer on an on-going basis. Jobsupport staff work one-to-one with the client from Day 1 until the agreed standards have been achieved. People with a significant intellectual disability perform well in routine jobs. Jobsupport’s free training removes any above normal supervision requirements for the employer.


Jobsupport staff provide indefinite ongoing maintenance support to ensure that the placement continues to work well for both the client and the employer. Jobsupport staff are available to provideadditional training and in-service new supervisors or co-workers as required.

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For the latest results please see our Open Employment Update - Sydney and Open Employment Update - Melbourne.